Hi, i am Robert Haugen

Hi, i am Robert Haugen, a creative digital designer located in Oslo, Norway.

I have just recently moved to Oslo, Norway to work as a UX Designer for Geta Digital. Geta is a large and fast growing company working with ecommerce for some really large companies, both Norwegian and foreign companies.

My previous job was at Mystore.no, Norways largest ecommerce platform, where i worked with UX, UI and frontend development. My main responsibilities were creating new and exciting designs for our customers. I also did research on trends in ecommerce, as well as prototyping and UI design. I have been able to do more frontend development of late and i do most of the HTML and CSS for our design themes and a bit of JavaScript..

In addition to my full-time job, i have also designed and co-created two different edtech solutions. The initital idea of creating a new and improved system for learning and sharing knowledge came during my years at University of Tromsø. This idea also gave me the knowledge and skills to pursuit a career in digital design.

I have a bachelors degree in Leadership, Innovation and Marketing (2010-2013) and a masters degree in Business Creation and Entreprenurship (2013-2015) that give me a diverse background with design thinking and innovation as a foundation.

For more information and resume, check out my LinkedIn or my Dribbble 🤓