Stetind – ecommerce theme

Stetind – ecommerce theme

TL;DR: My second theme i designed for Mystore. I designed the theme in February 2016, 2 months after i started to work with design for ecommerce stores.


UX, UI and project management


The why is easy… Mystore needed new and modern design themes to sell to their customersÂ đŸ˜¬Â and thats what i was hired to do anywho. I did alot of research for this theme regarding trends in ecommerce, conversion and design before i started this project. The main idea behind this design is ease of use, clean and modern design and usability on all platforms.


I designed all the screens that a typical ecommerce store needs and got it sliced into HTML. I created designs for frontpage, categories (with filter), product page, about, contact us and account pages for both mobile and desktop.


I created the prototype and intitial design february 2016 and can be tested on my UXPin here:
Live prototype on UXPin


The UXPin prototype included frontpage, two category pages, product page, about us, contact us, and account pages with login and «forgot password» for mobile and desktop. There are some level of interaction with the prototype so you can click on the sections to see how the pages interact.. (to a certain degree).


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