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TL;DR: I redesigned the homepage for in summer of 2016. The task was to create a new and modern design that works equally as well on mobile as on desktop where our customers can sign up, order apps, buy new designs and get help when they have questions.


UX, UI and project management

WHY was using a design that was getting a bit dated and didnt necessarily perform as good on mobile as we needed it to 😬


I found a good base design to start with and built with this as a template. On this project i started to work more with HTML and CSS as well as doing UX. I did the design on all sub-pages as well as made sure the site worked on all devices.

We created a sitemap of the old site and rearranged the structure and content on the entire site to make sure content and links were up to date and that our customers could access everything they need to run a successful ecommerce store.


I created a live demosite in approx june 2016 and can be tested here:
Live demosite 

The live site can be found here:


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Design, html, css

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