TL;DRGrupwork is a social network for education. We have collected all the tools needed to enable you to focus on learning the syllabus, not learning different systems for all your needs. We have integrated an online office suite where you can collect all your files and share them with whoever you want. You can also create to-do lists and work in groups with a chosen group or everyone in the class.


Idea, Exploration, UX and UI


After working on for a few years and realizing that the scope of that project was way too wide for us, we pivoted the idea to what we called Grupwork in May of 2015. The core of the system was collaboration, hence the name. We removed the job part of the platform and focused on what was needed for collaboration, co-writing and sharing knowledge.


A social platform for education and learning, optimized to work on desktop as well as on tablets and phones. We have integrated a online office suite for uploading files, sharing and co-writing, a to-do list, chat and awesome group functionality where it is possible to collaborate on smaller groups or with the entire class. It is totally secure and allows for social login as well as registering for an account.

In addition to the original idea of creating a better and more integrated system for learning, collaborating, networking and careers, the idea called, I also came up with the idea of Grupwork, a social platform with focus on what students needs for learning only.

Since I had learned Design Thinking at University, I applied that for this idea and talked to a lot of students and educators at uni before starting with design and coding. After a while, we felt we had a clear understanding of what was needed and how we could get students to use a brand new system so i started with the initial sketches and functionality mapping so the co-founder and developer could get started.

After quite a few early user tests and iterations, we moved forward with a clear understanding of all the needed functionality and how everything was connected to make the user experience as simple and smooth as possible. Based on my designs, we built…. well, the co-founder built the actual system  🤓 and we were able to release it into the wild in 2017.


I created the prototype and intitial design late summer of 2015 and we used that for design and development.

At the time, i used UXPin to prototype as it was one of the better tools then, but i have moved to Figma now so my prototype is removed for UXPin.


Grupwork is made to work as good on a mobile as on tablet and desktop. There are however some difficulties running a Word or Excel application in a browser on mobile as the size constrains the functionality but you can read and write in a document on mobile as well.

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UX, UI, Design