13 Essential Instagram Tools for Social Media Marketing

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Instagram is more than just a casual pastime: It’s a powerful marketing platform for business owners everywhere. With over half a billion monthly active users, Instagram has opened up huge opportunities for brands to find [...]

The Unlikely Story of the Activist Who Shook up the Fashion World

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Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart couldn’t find a winter jacket that was beautiful and cruelty-free. So she designed one. In 2009, she launched Vaute Couture as a concept, with pre-orders and no physical product or investors. Her [...]

11 Organic Social Media Marketing Tactics to Increase Your Reach Online

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There’s a world of difference (and difficulty) between using social media as a consumer versus harnessing it for your business. Some people can post a picture of their kids to Facebook and see 100 Likes [...]

The Surprising Day Jobs That Set Up These 10 Entrepreneurs for Success

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It’s 4:30 PM on a Wednesday. You’re on the clock until 5, but you’ve finished the all of the sweeping or checked out your last customer or filed the day’s paperwork. It’s prime time for [...]

New Guide: The Small Business Blueprint to Marketing on Twitter

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Twitter single-handedly transformed brand communication into a brand conversation. While various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat earn praise for their visual-first approach to social media, Twitter fundamentally changed the game in how [...]

How to Outsource Effectively and Earn Back Your Time

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As an entrepreneur, you wear several hats. Some of them might even look good on you. But there will inevitably be some parts of starting and running a business that fall outside your expertise. On [...]